Six@Six Lecture Series

Six@Six is a community lecture series sponsored by Northern Kentucky University’s Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement. It’s your chance to go to college, minus the tuition and the morning classes.

We promise:

A diversity of topics:

From primitive medical practices to the risks of advancing technology, from the executive office of the White House to maternity wards in Tanzania, this year’s series is sure to enlighten. The season will begin and end with two controversial figures- Larry Flynt and Dennis Kozlowski. In between, you’ll learn about privacy in a digital age, the reality of nursing with limited resources and unsanitary conditions, justice and public policy, a historical and contemporary look at race and ethnicity in the United States, and the refugee journey to citizenship. 

Lots of Interaction: These aren’t sit-on-your-hands lectures. Every talk will include time for you to engage with the speakers.

Exciting, enlightening evenings: The faculty and students who signed up for this year’s Six@Six season are energized. It’s their chance to showcase their scholarship and expertise. Every College at NKU is represented in this year’s series.

Listen. Learn. Engage.